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This collection of articles and commentaries from RMB provides examples of the in-depth research and analysis, industry knowledge, and fundamental principles underlying what we do for our clients. Explore the content available by scrolling or filtering topics.

Periodic Table of Investments

As the Periodic Table of Investments shows, one year’s best performing asset class can be the next year’s worst. We use this chart to remind our clients about the importance of diversification. Having a well-diversified allocation, as indicated by the white boxes below, allows our clients to participate in those asset classes that are doing well, while cushioning the impact of those that might not be.

Employee Profile: Margo Sweany

Margo Sweany, V.P. and wealth advisor working out of RMB’s Denver office, does not fit the stereotypical image that many people associate with financial advisors. In this interview, she talks about what it’s like to be a woman working in a male-dominated industry, how a millennial advisor can offer advantages to gen X and baby boomer clients, and how she almost went into music instead of finance.

A Review of the State and Local Tax Deduction

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law last year, the amount that taxpayers could deduct for state and local tax (SALT) payments was drastically limited. This article details how the rules related to payments and deductions have changed, and it explores ways that some taxpayers may still be able to take advantage of them.

How to Select a 529 Plan

There are a wide variety of 529 plans out there, with many variations and important nuances—from different investment options to fee structures and administrative functions. In this article, we outline some of key factors to consider when choosing the plan that’s right for you.

The Disparity in China-U.S. Trade

The brewing trade war between the U.S. and China could be a costly and consuming affair. But one need only look briefly at the history of U.S. trade to see that a trade negotiation is long overdue. Using that history as a guide, this article offers insight into how the U.S. trade deficit has developed and explains how trade agreements and protectionist actions like tariffs affect the domestic and global economy.

Market Perspective and Investment Outlook

After a prolonged period of calm in the U.S. markets, investors saw volatility materialize again in the first half of 2018. But despite the recent shakiness in the markets, above-average economic indicators and record earnings growth signal that we are not nearing the end of this nine-year bull market just yet.

Women & Money: The Gap Between Influence and Confidence

Women’s role in the economy is significant and growing. Yet despite women’s increasing influence, the majority of women remain uncomfortable making decisions – or even having conversations – about financial planning and investing. At RMB, we are committed to closing this gap by facilitating communication about financial matters among all members of the families we serve. 

How to Avoid Investing’s Emotional Pitfalls

In pursuit of long-term investment goals, one of the biggest obstacles investors face is managing their own emotions during the ups and downs of the market. In this short video, Sarah Tims, partner and senior wealth advisor, explains how to avoid falling prey to our emotions so that we don’t zig precisely when we should zag.

How to Evaluate a Wealth Manager

“Wealth management” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. The category encompasses diverse business models and a wide range of service offerings, styles, and merits. Given this disparity, how do you establish a basis for comparison? This article lists important questions to ask all potential advisors, to help you better ascertain the value they might be able to provide you and your family.