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This collection of articles and commentaries from RMB provides examples of the in-depth research and analysis, industry knowledge, and fundamental principles underlying what we do for our clients. Explore the content available by scrolling or filtering topics.

Beneficiary Considerations

Beneficiary designations are one of the most common ways to direct the transfer of assets at your death. However, if those designations do not align with other components of your estate plan, your intended gift to your heirs can become a complicated and potentially costly burden. Understanding different beneficiary structures and implications can help you avoid problematic inconsistencies.

State of the Firm

We’ve experienced significant growth since our founding in 2005. What started as a handful of employees in a small office, managing around $500 million in assets, is now a team of over 190 people in 11 offices nationwide, trusted to manage over $8.4 billion in assets. This article offers a summary of how our business looks today and how our clients benefit from the firm’s growth.

Avoiding Blind Spots in P&C Insurance

Insurance is one of those things you buy hoping you’ll never need. This can explain why it’s easy to “set it and forget it.” As part of RMB’s comprehensive wealth management approach, we regularly review our clients’ insurance coverage to help identify any gaps or shortfalls. This article highlights common property and casualty blind spots that can leave you exposed to risk.

Investing in our Future

At RMB, we aim to establish long-term, multigenerational relationships with our wealth management clients. Therefore, we need to build a multigenerational RMB team. One of the ways we do this is through our internship program, which is designed to attract high-performing students from top universities. This article explains how the program has grown from an early passion project of RMB’s founders to a robust model for our human resources strategy.

Market Perspective and Investment Outlook

The bull market that began in March 2009 recently celebrated its eight-year anniversary, making it the second-longest bull market since World War II. On a price return basis, the S&P 500 was up nearly 250% from the market bottom through the end of March, abetted by record highs set by major stock indexes in early 2017.

Tax Loss Harvesting: What, How, and Why?

As long-term value investors, we seek high-quality companies that we are willing to own for many years. Yet, during the course of a regular market cycle, high-quality companies may temporarily drop in value. If this happens and our investment thesis hasn’t changed, we typically engage in tax loss harvesting, a strategy that we believe makes losses more palatable and can add real dollars to the bottom line.

The Tax Policy Conundrum

During his election campaign, President Trump highlighted a number of key policy initiatives that would be the focus of his administration. Tax reform is one item on the agenda, but many unknowns remain about the president’s plan and how it may affect the budget and the national deficit. In this article, we provide perspective on potential outcomes related to the Trump administration’s tax policy.