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Beneficiary Considerations

Beneficiary designations are one of the most common ways to direct the transfer of assets at your death. However, if those designations do not align with other components of your estate plan, your intended gift to your heirs can become a complicated and potentially costly burden. Understanding different beneficiary structures and implications can help you avoid problematic inconsistencies.

The Greatest Gift To Your Heirs: Financial Literacy

Money. It has been taboo for decades, if not generations, for families to have open conversations about their financial circumstances. Individuals work hard over the course of their lives to put themselves in a position to be comfortable in retirement, yet they often fail to educate their loved ones on the importance of managing and preserving the fruits of their hard work.

What To Consider When Choosing A Trustee

Trusts are a powerful estate planning tool that can help control assets and build a legacy through the use of a legal structure. In the creation of any type of trust, choosing a trustee and successor trustee(s) is a critical, and potentially difficult, part of the process.