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Making Medicare Work for You

Most Americans know the basics of Medicare—that it is generally available to those 65 or older, regardless of income—but they don’t fully understand the extent to which it may cover their medical expenses. This article breaks down the components of Medicare, the cost structure for each, and provides considerations for how retirees can optimize their Medicare coverage.

Strategies for Tax-Efficient RMDs

Retirement is often associated with control – control over scheduling, travel, and leisure. However, beginning at age 70.5, some degree of retirees’ control is diminished by the individual retirement account (IRA) required minimum distribution (RMD). While there are worse fates than being forced to distribute your own hard-saved retirement funds, these distributions can create myriad issues when it comes to tax and estate planning. This is an area where your advisor can add great value, especially since more and more retirees are relying exclusively on 401(k)s and IRAs to fund their daily lives.

The ABCs of RMDs

Many people are familiar with IRAs, but few people understand the rules and regulations surrounding them, such as the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). In this article, RMB Wealth Advisor and CFP® Loren Knaster explains how to navigate the complicated rules associated with RMDs.

Enhancing Our Dialogue About Your Retirement Plan

At RMB, we believe a financial advisor’s primary job is to understand a family’s long-term goals and then guide planning and investment decisions that should help the family achieve those goals. We are always striving to facilitate robust yet nuanced discussions with our clients about the various factors that can impact their long-term financial plans. To that end, we have recently implemented a powerful new planning software tool that helps us demonstrate the influence some of these factors can have on retirement goals. This article highlights the software’s core features and illustrates how it works through a simple case study.

One and Done: The 60-Day IRA Rollover

If you think it’s a little strange that you have more than one IRA in your name, you may be surprised to find out that it’s relatively common for investors to accumulate multiple IRAs over time. Whether it’s a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA for your business or a Traditional IRA that was funded from an old 401(k) rollover, it’s relatively simple to open an IRA with a bank or other financial institution. To help manage your retirement assets, the IRS has several methods that will allow you to make nontaxable transfers between like-registered IRAs. One such method is the 60-day rollover. With the recent change in IRS regulations related to the 60- day rollover, it’s important for investors to understand these rules in order to avoid negative ramifications.