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Tax Loss Harvesting: What, How, and Why?

As long-term value investors, we seek high-quality companies that we are willing to own for many years. Yet, during the course of a regular market cycle, high-quality companies may temporarily drop in value. If this happens and our investment thesis hasn’t changed, we typically engage in tax loss harvesting, a strategy that we believe makes losses more palatable and can add real dollars to the bottom line.

Tax Timeline 2019

Our Tax Timeline highlights the major filing dates for the individuals, businesses, S corporations, partnerships, trusts & estates, and tax-exempt organizations.

A Snowbird’s-Eye View of State Income Tax Planning

Taxpayers with the ability to change residency from a state with a high income tax rate to a state with little or no income tax can take advantage of powerful tax savings. But the process of securing these tax savings is not always straightforward. This article offers some tips and tricks for snowbirds looking to make the most of the low state income tax rate of their new residency. 

A Review of the State and Local Tax Deduction

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law last year, the amount that taxpayers could deduct for state and local tax (SALT) payments was drastically limited. This article details how the rules related to payments and deductions have changed, and it explores ways that some taxpayers may still be able to take advantage of them.

The Tax Policy Conundrum

During his election campaign, President Trump highlighted a number of key policy initiatives that would be the focus of his administration. Tax reform is one item on the agenda, but many unknowns remain about the president’s plan and how it may affect the budget and the national deficit. In this article, we provide perspective on potential outcomes related to the Trump administration’s tax policy.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Charitable Donations

When it comes to charitable giving, it’s important to consider the most appropriate gifting vehicle and amount­–both from a philanthropic and a tax liability standpoint. We consistently encourage the practice of gifting shares of long-term appreciated stock (shares that have been held for more than a year) instead of cash, as this technique offers benefits to both the charitable organization and the donor. The following case study illustrates the advantages associated with gifting long-term appreciated stock.

Strategies for Tax-Efficient RMDs

Retirement is often associated with control – control over scheduling, travel, and leisure. However, beginning at age 70.5, some degree of retirees’ control is diminished by the individual retirement account (IRA) required minimum distribution (RMD). While there are worse fates than being forced to distribute your own hard-saved retirement funds, these distributions can create myriad issues when it comes to tax and estate planning. This is an area where your advisor can add great value, especially since more and more retirees are relying exclusively on 401(k)s and IRAs to fund their daily lives.